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Monday, May 10, 2004

Randoms on Music From My MP3 Collection
:Everything is on random so here we go.

  • Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" is great. But the key track, which I demand you all download now, is "The Dark of the Matinee". If you don't bob your head to that then something is wrong with you. Something is seriously askew with your life. The rest of the album is quite solid. I wish they wouldn't have blown up so fast. I've been watching them since October...but alas...Domino Record is owned by someone famous so they promoted the shit out of it...weep...Yet another band I have to hear at high midnight in a bad bar somewhere and watch girls in Mudd jeans mouthing the words to each other as some guy in an Atari t-shirt gets up to scream "Yeahhhhhhh"
  • "Jolene" by the White Stripes - Only the white stripes could cover a Dolly Parton song and make a great great great great song out of it. I got this shirt of meg the other day. Check this site out they have solid t-shirts...I got this and an Otis, Nina, and Flying Burrito awesome is that?
  • "I Will" by Radiohead is rather good but it's missing something. Oh yeah...a dying father in a dark corner smoking non-filtered Camel cigarettes while his early 20's son sits on an ottoman begging for money to save him from loan sharks...And a funeral procession moves slowly by at noon. You can almost hear the father clinking ice cubes into his high ball.
  • "Detachable Penis" by the Flaming Lips - I was really upset to hear they were doing the festival tour. This is a weird song that really sums up the Flaming Lips in their early years. The story is kinda funny..."I really hate having to sit down every time I take a leak"
  • "Truth Doesn't Make a Noise" by the White Stripes is pretty solid. It's not their best work and sounds a good bit like their other songs. But honestly that's so much better than anything else I normally hear.
  • "Yellow Light" by Remy Zero - I read on their website that they have disbanded. Thank God! That Smallville stint and then their move to Epic made me sick. I used to really like them. The self-titled album and the Golden Hum are still in my top 200 albums though.
  • "Mine's Not a High Horse" by the Shins - I haven't really figured out what to make of the Shins. i want to see them live before I pass further judgment. Some is good, some is bad...reminds of a Granddaddy with a guitar player and drummer. It sounds like it could be good then again it sounds like it could be coming from the Bread anthology.
  • "Poor Misguided Fool" by Starsailor - Just a great song and an amazing album that thankfully slipped under the radar and now it's mine. Mine I tell you...Mine to play and love and turn people on to. Sometimes it's a little too sad and tries to be too melodic...but for the most part it's pure awesome.
  • "Gonna Make You Love Me" by Ryan Adams - Sometimes I can't stand Ryan...other times I love him. This is one of the former times. Why is he releasing songs to soundtracks and shit...he should be in a bat mobile cruising around smoking hash and dying young...This song is forced and feels really contrived and fake.
  • "My oh My" by David Gray - You know David's last album didn't even live up to the airplay it received...i.e. none...but White Ladder is a jewel. It's a rare breed of late 90's transitional Brit pop and good late 80's lyrics. His voice is great, his songwriting (on this album) is top notch...but to see him in'll be rather...appalled.
  • "Miss Misery" by Elliott Smith - To die young and talented makes you famous. That's the way it is with rock n' roll. But he should have been famous way before this. This is just an amazing song...on a soundtrack...but it's so good that I don't care. And the scene it has in Good Will Hunting encapsulates a great shot. This should be a cornerstone song to every male's late night drunken "I miss my girlfriend" mp3 playlist. It's in mine...
  • "Jamaica Say You Will" by Jackson Browne- The opening track form his first album. Recorded when he was 18 in the winter of 1969. He dated Nico (just thought I'd throw that in as a reference point on how cool he is). He came in when Dylan was down and had a lot of pressure on him. He did ok. Anyway...this song is a solid 7...but at 18...this song is just amazing. I have to throw a dap to David Lindley though...he carries Jackson throughout his career via arrangements and slide guitar.
  • "Little Bunny Foo Foo" by The Moldy Peaches - Everybody seems to know who they are by now so I won't act that cool. This song is atrocious. Actually except for about 4 songs that whole album is pretty gross. But it's what I needed at the start of my musical taste allowed me to really look at other crazy shit.
  • "Don't Go Away" by Oasis - My anthem from 97' I owe everything about my musical tastes to Oasis. Snicker all you want but I assure you that a lot of music fans and a lot of artists are closet, if not out of the closet, Oasis fans. We all own one of their know why? Because they don't pull punches and they don't make excuses for being drunk, drugged up, violent, mediocre musicians that write great pop tunes.
  • "Lovertits" by Peaches - I haven't really had time to absorb this FatherFucker cd but from what I'm hearing off the few tracks I's pretty flat. "Teaches of Peaches" was a great step forward for Cali music and especially for girl rock. She could have carried the torch...she got the chance to tour with Marilyn Manson and got some blurbs in Rollingstone...but this is just like the first album. It's her talking about wanting to be fucked, and not wanting it...and getting angry and then trying to write pop tunes in the middle of all that. It's still cool to put on at a party though. Her bass lines WILL be stolen for future albums though...they're pretty tight.
  • "Cold Blooded Old Times" by Smog - I never noticed it but this was playing in the background of High Fidelity when they were shitting on that dude who wanted to buy a Captain Beefheart album (I think it was CB) Anyway if you don't have any should...they'll never get huge and you can love this and adore it and worship it for all the nerdiness and lameness it personifies. It's simple, it's good and it even rocks sometimes. You should also download "Hit the Ground Running" and "I am star wars" as part of your starter kit.
  • "Sister Beams" by Slobberbone - Now I know what you're saying.."Slobberbone? way to listen to death rock Bret." But no this is southern country alt. This is an awesome band that you will never ever ever hear of. This song is the second best song they have. If you can find "Josephine" you should ad that in with Elliott Smith's "Miss Misery" to that "My girlfriend was so awesome but now she's gone" list. This guys voice...can't remember his just pure what southern alt-country should be.
  • "Clown Town" by Xiu Xiu - Xiu Xiu is getting some heads turning. They used to have to wait in line behind the Modest Mouse of the world but they have sort of come into their own with their release this year. This is easily the best song off the album. Well it's the most poppy anyway. Its kinda weird but it's really solid. It's like Can meets Hall and Oates.
  • "Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks" by The Rapture - I'm pretty sure most of you know this one as I've heard it on alt radio a couple of times. But if you haven't I think you'll love it. It's real 2002 and it's what things should have been. It's in the same vein as The Raveonettes and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's but it's less known and hence more intimate because you can impress your friends. I bought the LP the other day and love it. I haven't absorbed the whole thing but this is in my top 10 favorite songs of the winter of 2003.
  • "Dog Faced Boy" by The Eels - I used to love the Eels. I still like them a whole lot but seeing them live made me not like them a little. It was a good show and all but I was expecting a little less...well a little less of him being a dick. But hey...that's rock n roll. The Eels are great and unfortunately, and I shit you not I think their album covers scare people away. They make people think that they play stuff like the Queens of the Stones Ages...they sort of sound like them watered down but their continuity and flow are better. A lot of changes and a lot of choruses. I like it...and I give this song a solid 6. It's not their best work by far.
  • "Above You Below Me" by Badly Drawn Boy - This is off the About a Boy soundtrack. It's a pretty good has a nice couple changes and it's sweet. Nothing is sweeter than a little chubby guy from Manchester singing ballads about love, children, and other happy shit while wearing a wooly hat that he never changes.
  • "Black Jettas" by Ima Robot - I wish the other songs by them would have come up. This sounds nothing like their other stuff. Their self-titled album is awesome and this is the hidden track. It's a cute tune that we can all relate to...I mean do they just give Black Jettas out to girls when they become seniors in college. It's the sensible, but I can still wear a thong and drink tequila, car.
  • "District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by the Postal Service - Thank you! Thank you Doug! I would have never found this or Death Cab for Cutie...well I at least wouldn't have given them a solid shot. This song is amazing. I have the 33's awesome...This is in my top 10 songs of 2004.
  • "Heavy Metal Drummer" by Wilco - "Well I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands..." Wilco is awesome. I'm bummed they sold out the 930 club so quick and they aren't playing the electric factory. But I'll get them sooner or later. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was worth every bit of the recognition it got. All the tracks are great and they bleed together beautifully. Tweedy's voice is just phenomenal.
  • "Somewhere Else" by Travis - Not their greatest work but I really understand Travis. I don't think I understand another band as much as I really vibe with Travis. They rock, yet they throw peace signs and mean it. They tell jokes about kittens and rainbows and they mean I'm no softy by any a matter of fact I'm quite fratastic but I'd like to think if I had an alter would be like the aura that Travis has. This song is like that...most of their songs are...
  • "Blue" by The Jayhawks - I don't think this is a cover but people are saying it is. Screw's good...real good...I have two of their albums and they are ok. This is the song that made me buy those albums though.
  • "It's All Understood" by Jack Johnson - whoops...this has is too bad to be around this long. I usually cleanse my mp3 collection every month but Jack Johnson keeps making the cut. It has to do with his debut album. It was one of the best debuts in a real long time. This song is pretty below's like poor Rufus Wainwright but it's peaceful so it slides under my "cut" radar. just got the axe.
  • "Last Night on Earth" by the Mekons - I don't really know a lot about the Mekons but I like this song. It's political as I think they are judging by their website (not updated since 2001) so it's not getting alink but it reads "Tony Blair is Evil". Anyway...this song is kinda Brit Pop Reggae, which makes me believe they are kinda older but are still rolling...
  • "Please, Please, Please" by James Brown - His first single. This to me is James just as good as he was at his pinnacle. He came from the same Georgia woods as Otis and a lot of people think Motown and all that other crap but Georgia gave us Otis, Little Richard, Don Cropper, and James...that's cool...anyway...this is a classic song form that genre. Not big on lyrics...just all about delivery and feel it but you gotta play it kinda loud and be mimicking along with the words.
  • "Nietzsche" by the Dandy Warhols - Yes you should listen to the Dandy Warhols. They rock! I don't really talk about them that much because their catalog is about as thick as a Dr. Seuss book but when they get it right they get it right...and that's this's awesome!
  • "Bad Habits" by The Monks - Just really cool music. It's kind of fun and it's real British and from the early 80's...maybe late 70's so it's kind of "been there done that" but it's still really good. So is "Drugs in My Pocket"
  • "My baby Just Cares for Me" by Nina Simone - Ahhh nothing satisfies a thirst for music like Nina. She is truly a cool breeze in my collection. Thanks Mike! I would have found it but it was great finding her early on because I got a baseline on her stuff. It was the best barometer I could have had for that genre.
  • "The Bartender and the Thief" by The Stereophincs - They are huge overseas which makes the stuff I want to buy easier to find then most people think. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. It's strange I keep loving all these songs.
  • "Little Honda" by Yo La Tengo - This is such a band that everyone takes for granted. You see them at all the festivals and stuff...people always love the music and have the best intention of buying a cd...but it never panned out. So they are now relegated to an occasional t-shirt and head nod from a friendly face at a bar when I hit up the jukebox for this song.

That's enough for me right now...

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