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I Kan't Spell

Monday, October 31, 2005

Korean Music

I just found all my Korean cd's yesterday and took them to work with me. They are so absurd. The thing is that they remind of a really cool time in my life. I've been thinking a lot lately of going back and not just to Korea or but to Thailand, China, Japan and just staying away. I'm not saying it will happen. But it's interesting to think about. The main reason I wouldn't go is because I would just be living a weird pagan evil life while there. I would really be growing or anything - I'd just be escaping. But, it's fun to think about. I think about it like a child thinks about spending his each and everyday at Disney World. That's what it's like to me. Sooner or later though - your teeth will rot out and Space Mountain will look more like a prison shuttle than a joy ride.

Anyway this Korean Music is fuckin hilarious. They have this band called G.O.D. and they came out with this song called "Champion". And the Korean word for "my" is "Neega". So the line - which they say is - "Champion insa kee neega" - which to me when I was there always sounded like "Champion and Kill a Nigga" - anyway - it's strange like that that makes shit hilarious. That and the English in the middle of the song - like it'll be all Korean soft and slow pop music with hip hop beats and then some guy will come on and say shit like "You know it girl" or "Yeah we be best" or "You know it riiiiiight". It's fuckin hilarious.

"Uhh yeah. Do you feel me. My body. My heart. My soul goes out to you." Oh it's funny...I forget how many times i would be in a club and would just bend over listening to this awful shit.

This is Baby Vox, your standard Korean Girl group. Once they run older than looking 16 they will be thrown to the curb like a hot bag of dog soup. That's why they turn out 5 albums a year and flood the market.

This band is "Happy Together" yeah - imaginative I know. Notice the wind swept hair and how they take after American pop bands. They have the good guy, the sweet one, the little one, the bad one, and the silent big one. It's hilarious.

This is BOA - I actually saw her in concert in Korea. It was hilarious to say the least. There were balloons everywhere and little Korean girls climbing out of wall sockets going insane. I fell asleep after a while.

I actually own a CD by Bulldog Mansion (shown above). They don't really ever siong and just play jazz shit so I was like - you know I'll listen to this. It's not too bad.

This is my girl. I love Jaurim. I don't mean love but out of Korean music this is the only real thing I found. She makes fun of shit and hates America and money. She is about as punk as any sellout can be but hell - I'll take it.


Walking to work today with my friend and roommate John, we started to talk about our jobs and careers. I could find nothing within myself to illustrate the same opportunities and possibilities that he has ahead of him. It's as though I've squandered so much that I can't even sqaunder any more. The only thing I could say about my career was that - well - uhh - I'll have to put in my time. Raise your hand if you think that sounds like me. I just don't know what to do.

I'm pissing either everything away or it's already gone. I don't know which is more correct. Either that or I'm just wayyyyyyyyyyyy off base and need to keep my mouth shut and do my fuckin job. I'll stay with the final option until I can prove to myself that I'm ready to take what is mine as opposed to having it given to me.

BTW - I don't feel well and that West Wing last night was fuckin bullshit. Next week though - the LIVE WEST WING is going to be great! I can't wait for it.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Randoms -

It's been a while since I've written on here and well I there isn't a whole bunch except scatter brained stuff. So, therefore, you get randoms.

  • First and foremost I would like to say that not drinking for a while really allows your brain to come back to life. I'm very happy today, and was yesterday, without the influence of alcohol. The lights looked pretty and the music seemed crisper as I skipped to work.

  • I was reading the Bono interview in Rolling Stone. First off they called it "THE BONO INTERVIEW" like people really give that much of a fuck about Bono and secondly even more so that fucking rag of a magazine Rolling Stone is interviewing him. Has any magazine lost more credibility in the last 10 years than Rolling Stone? Did it ever have credibility? Was it always a whore?

    Anyway - Bono - said some really interesting stuff. A couple of my paraphrased favorites were that he is never ashamed of himself with God. He feels that if he goes out drinking God is with him. If he wants to act a fool God is right next to him doing the same thing. He sees God as a friend as opposed to a father. It was kind of comforting in a chicken shit justifying way. He also said that "Why is it that the dumbest people are the one's to show us and teach us the most beautiful thing we do. I mean pornographers and low life drug addicts and hookers are the one's teaching us about sex? That makes no sense to me and I'd like to see more poets,writers, and all artists really address the thing that we all crave." Bono - I think those artists do teach us about sex. I just don't think most people listen to much besides two naked people groaning. DH Lawrence isn't going to do it for most people. Bukowski once said that the poor fuck much better than the rich. Why? Because that's all they have.

  • Speaking of sex, I think my sexual drive will eventually shut down. I'm starting at 26 to feel it slip away. I just don't envision myself as being very good at it and that affects my desire to do it. I just don't think my sex drive is going to hold on that much longer. Oh well.

  • I erased everyone's number out of my phone except for a few. The erasing came from - if I don't call you then I don't want your number in there. No worries. Hopefully I'll have a reason to put it back in one day.

  • I restarted my Art of Knowledge blog in hopes that I can get my career back on track. I'll provide a link as soon as I finish my first few pieces. If you have any ideas about the Knowledge Management industry that I should write about - I'd love to hear them. I have my own for now but I'd like to continue to churn.

  • "Who needs love when your own heart is strong?"

  • I don't dress up or go out for Halloween. For all of those who do - Doug - and girls... good luck.

  • I'm going to the Monet exhibit at the BMA tomorrow. It's Monet in London. It has the famous painting of the London fog over the Parliament building. For those who don't know, Monet would go to the same spot every day and paint for about 17 - 20 minutes and then stop. Well some days it was foggy and someday it wasn't. It was during the middle of his painting career and it was sort of called the "Memory impressions"

  • I think I would like to dedicate a song if I were on a stage. I would dedicate almost every song I think. Just to random people. "I would like to dedicate this song to you right there 23 rows back with the AC/DC shirt on." It would really make his day.

  • I love the city during dawn. It's so pretty with all the lights still on.

  • I make some fucking amazing queso.

  • I've done a lot of dumb stuff and I'd like to say I'm sorry. But the truth is I plan on living to a lot more stupid crazy shit.

  • I miss a big city in the fall or winter. Baltimore is a bad cold weather city. It's better when there is toooooo much to do than just enough, during the winter. Baltimore feels like a fish bowl during the fall and winter. I really miss the smell of soccer fields and waxed floors of high school. I miss big coats with someone else wrapped in it with you and coming home to someone you love.

  • I watched James Taylor sing the worst rendition of "A Change is Gonna Come" on the West Wing last night. A fucking shame that they would allow that man to butcher such a beautiful song.

  • I wish Sam Cooke and Otis Redding liked each other. I also wish they lived longer.

  • This is a sad town when football is awful. There aren't crowds around the television and we have a very weak consensus of hardcore fans. I don't really care - I'm just all for general group good times with strangers. And a meaningless sport seems to do that to communities.

  • I am developing a strange sense of civil servitude coming over me. I looked in the paper today and three or four times either I read the text wrong or it just caught my eye, but it always jumped out like "Help shape Baltimore.", "Come help a neighbor." And I wanted to read on in each one and do something. I love that I have energy. I just need something positive to do with it. I'll go dig ditches if I have to but I have to get it out of my body.

  • Meghan is back on the east coast with the love of her life Tommy (soon to be engaged but saving for a house). Hopefully they'll come up to Baltimore one night and hang out. Welcome back east from dreary old San Diego!

  • Everyone have a great weekend! I'll be looking for something to do.

  • Tuesday, October 25, 2005


    A nice article about people buying books just to look cool. I am included in that demographic because I'm a big fat phoney.

    I don't however mind being a snob much because I don't really read for frivolous enjoyment and don't hide in the closet with Clive Cussler or some Tom Clancy book. I come right out and say I'm full of shit by reading Ulysses and not understand it, but I enjoy learning and pissing off my brain by making it think.

    After a while you start to really love Graham Greene for Graham Greene or fucking Pope because you just know him. You look at Hemingway in a way that you identify with him and not just a a goddamn conversation piece. You're not under the bed with a flashlight at night but you aren't slupring down a big fatty cheeseburger of a fucking book that's just not good for you either. Books to me are like vegetables.

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Hmm - Time to Get Goin

    A few of my friends are really doing some interesting things and expanding their web IQ. I feel as though I'm still stuck in 2002. I have to up my game. The question is - - when do I do it?

    Anyway - Mike has this cool new street art maps thing that combines flickr with google maps. It's a little wonkey at first but it's a great idea and a nice hobby.

    Also for people who haven't been Tim's site (although the index page is off by a mile) - it's clean and he seems to be using a ton of tools to expand his knowledge base. I have to get back on the ball...

    By the way I'm super fuckin pissed that no one - not one goddamned person told me that Stand up and clap your hands or whatever they are called played the 8x10 last night. What a piece of shit I am for having the hottest band in America skip under my nose less then 300 yards away. I'm a schmuck.

    Oh and Happy Birthday Greg!!!!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Princesses and Toads

    Yesterday when I arrived outside the entrance to the building that I work in, I saw two lovers on a park bench. She was seated to his right with her legs straddled over him as he held her waist. Her head was nestled into his collar and he was saying what appeared to be soothing words of comfort and praise. She responded with soft strokes of her hand to the hair on the back of his head. The prompted his chin to raise and his eyes to peer upward as he kissed her forehead. She then swung her feet off and they had one alst embrace and she shuffled into the building just in front of me. She straightened her blouse and pants and smoother out the wrinkles of her light small jacket. She cocked her head back and entered the elevator as the most confident woman in the lobby. Even though, from what I saw outside the couple were of poor taste and meager belongings she felt like a princess for the time being. The head that she had touched minutes age was greasy and his face pointy with dabs of facial hair that were set apart by lines too many for a man of his late twenties. She was a plump girl that when entering the elevator, entered alone, because she was not going up towards the corporate offices, but instead she was entered down to the shipping and receiving center. I saw her put on her dirty smock just as the doors closed.

    This morning I arrived again at roughly the same time and at roughly the same spot when I saw the couple again. This time they were fighting. They were shaking their heads and making bold and almost violent hand gestures that articulated an acute problem with the other. I was unable to catch any words but I looked at them sitting postured like two old maids. The woman had her hands crossed around her chubby mid-section. Her hands seemingly rested on her potbelly. The man waved what few strands of long hair he had back over his scalp. He did it repeatedly while speaking in a quick, sharp, and piercing manner. His words bounced off the woman like acorns on to the sidewalk. I did not see the woman enter the building this time. I hope, for some strange reason, that when she enters that elevator, she still gets a warm leftover feeling from her princess moment not less than 24 hour before.

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    I get it

    Hey God - I have 6700 songs on my mp3 player. Yet in the past 4 hours you've played that song - on random 4 times. I get it. Shut up already. Thanks.

    Calling All Hands

    For the people that I met over the weekend and the one's even at Bea's bday party - there are some people who read this that I would never know read this - I thought it was just 5 of us trying to one-up each other. Anyway...for people not around that often but who like to come up and hang out.

    Sean Bolan's - our local lovely friendly Irish bar with the best half priced burger in town is closing down. Next Saturday is the last night - and while we will be in attendance for that - we would also like to extend an invitation to come on Mittwoch (wed.) evening as the bartenders, Mike and I host trivia night. I believe there is going to be a group rendition of "total eclipse of the heart". (jokes)

    Anyway - don't shit on the new place just yet. If they keep the bar staff we have decided to keep going - they will find out next Wed. if they still have a job. If they don't then Bret "Fist of Broken Glass" Holmes will have to do some damage to a window or two.

    Hope to see some people there on Wed. It should be really wild - - -

    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Holy Hell

    Danny Jennings just sent me a text explaining that one of our child hood neighbors is now present in Penthouse. I won't put her name up here because it appears as though she wants no one to know. But, if you grew up in Rosedale - well - you remember her.

    Not safe for work. Click here to see Brook Bailey (lol).

    Yeah I told you it was her.


    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Upcoming Shows in Baltimore

    I'm Kinda JAZZED about some upcoming shows in the area.

    Starting this Sunday at the Talking Head - the Blow is playing - The Blow is a tw part girl band that plays minimalist music but it's damn good - sorta. Anyway - It's Sunday night - Doug - ill come over to Red Star at 6 we'll go watch West Wing and the then swing to this?... Confirm please.

    Fri Oct 28 MADAGASCAR with DEAD SCIENCE YEVETO at the Talking Head - Dead Science has been getting a good bit of press because the guy from Xiu Xiu either backed them or recorded with them. Either way Madagascar is a band I've been listening to a lot lately and this is a Friday show so I'd really like to be in attendance.

    Sat Nov 5 SOFT CIRCLE (ex Black Dice)- The Black Dice are great -

    Sunday November 13th - The Black Keys play Rams Head Live - You couldn't keep me away from this show with a firey 2x4 that shot bullets. I'll be there and hopefully some of you all will as well. I vouche for this band as my favorite band of the last year.

    Sat Nov 19 CLUB STAGE - INDIE ROCK - 8 PM DOORS THE ORANGES BAND/TWO IF BY SEA : THE CONVOCATION - The two best bands in Baltimore play the best new venue in town - unless you get all nostalgic about the poorly booked and crippled Ottobar. This will also be a non-miss show for me.

    The 930 club has some stuff - but I doubt anyone would want to go there with me. One really interesting show that I would LOVE to go to is Iron and Wine and Calexico at the Electric Factory in Philly on Dec. 3rd. A Saturday. Stay tuned for my plans for that one.

    Happy pogo dancing.

    Bill Maher

    Ok - every fence fading liberal likes Bill Maher in one way or another. As he is currently crushing evil personified in Ann(e) Coulter I find myself hating one thing about Bill. There is one thing that he does that makes me really dislike watching his lefty skewed program. Have you ever noticed his unwavering propensity to shhhsh and quiet the crowd when he doesn't want them to cheer or boo? I find it pretty awkward for a host to find it necessary to coach his crowd on how to behave.

    Anyway - I'm pro-Bill but anti-talk show host Bill. I wish Henry Winkler or Kermit the Frog were the host and Bill was just a permanent guest on a new show called "Stomp the right and don't blame the poor."

    Anyway - Master and Commander is on for the 800th time this month on Signature HBO - I think I'll give that a go instead of watching the jib cutting between - and get ready for this - Ben Affleck (of J-Lo fame - sporting a fierce goatee), Salman Rushdie (of sniper dodging fame and the book that all college kids buy but never understand) and the editor of the New Republic Ed Sullivan (yeah who cares). Actually - that's fuckin Tivo worthy. I want someone to ask Ben what happened to his healthy cocaine habit and sawed down teeth round about the Chasing Amy / Mall Rats days. I'm gonna go rent Reindeer Games to see when the actual mouth surgery was done to ease the transition of his huge diaretic habit.

    Actually here is some play-by-play.

    They are discussing the new Supreme Court cleaning lady. Sullivan the guy who no one wants to hear chimes in and everyone sighs looking at Ben's just-so-misplaced hair and Salman's "Go fuck yourself Syria" tattoo on his gleaming forehead. Salman is looking fierce for a guy roughly named after a fish. Ben sits mulling his eye brows.

    Still mulling
    Oh wait... Ben utters "Yeah..." after hearing Sullivan drop an F bomb. Bill is looking very nervous with Salman to his right as he looks around for a red dot dancing on the stage.

    Ben is mulling. Holy shit they gave him the tag of Actor / Activist. I spilled my soda. I spit on the LCD screen - let me whipe that off. Oh Ben is using huge hand gestures and talking about Al Gore. There is a nice close up of Ben's face fur.

    Sipping water.
    Salman is uneasy in his chair and this Sullivan guy who no one wants to hear is dominating the conversation. Wait... Bill cut him off after in his ear piece he heard "We need Ben to get up and shake his ass and blink slowly into the camera."

    More Bush bashing.
    Bill has a really ugly shirt.
    Doesn't his shiksa dress him?

    Ben is not comfortable on a talk show - way too much hands. He just used the word "stupid" twice in a sentence. Oh he's coked up as his word RPM is about 800. Ben just shit on the Bible and now he's backtracking. He is ending every sentence with "...well whatever it is". Bill just shit on the Bible. Oh lord they threw Salman a softball. And Bill finally said it - whew - a big brow wipe from the booth as Bill uttered "I'm not the one going to be shot." And a muffled laugh could be heard from the crowd.

    Salman is about as funny as a fuckin mouse pad.
    Ben is talking again. He used a double neagtive. "I don't see the way people don't understand..." Lordy...
    Ben cracked a joke about President's day.
    Eye brow fixation.
    He's so dreamy.
    So damn dreamy..... ooohhhhh ..... j-Lo
    Lord - Sullivan is a religious guy talking about space and the ever so popular "Living your life in a good way" line when talking about world religions.
    Ben is mulling with a fierce goatee stroke.
    Wait! DAMNIT! Bill just shhshhd the crowd again. That's it. Happy Gilmore is on USA. I'm out.

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Wake Up Time

    It's not so much that it walked down an alley that was dark as much as that alley was just gone. It winded itself back around the shops and liquor stores and set down to die. It hadn't seen the sun or felt the wind in so long that it became scared of the things that made flowers grow and people smile. There weren't any more days running bare-back in the sun with a shaken mane and an arrowed stance. There was only a shadow curling up with it like a blanket made of wet leaves and stagnant fur. Brushed sharply but only up went the cover. It landed right back down like a known friend on a flamed elbow. The blanket found the same position with a sense of togetherness. It shrugged and waited for the sun to tell it a story it could understand.

    Most things are lost because you just refuse to fight for them.


    Fall is characterized by that wet smell that comes up your nose and back into your throat that makes you think you are more alive. There are rustling papers and leaves in the gutters and the trees seem to cry to you that it's time for them to go. The grass holds dew in the mornings and the entire world smells like a cigar and a pizza shop got rolled up and made into a piece of hard candy.

    It's the anticipation season. There is electricity in the air in the fall. Crisp. Clean. Cutting. It is heavy and mild like a butterscotch ice cream when it's Sunday and you have to watch the Simpson’s at night.

    Something always happens in the fall. Throughout my life I had a string of broken bones for every year in the fall. I have a string of broken hearts to go with them. That was my claim to the passing forgotten months that house Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was in charge or nothing but was merely a boat swept up on the current of the electric season.

    Fall is the cliff of life. Fall has it's own flavor unlike spring or winter. Nothing compares to the birth that is summer in its nuances and flourishing undulations of bright blue ribbons and orange streaks of cloth. However, Fall holds anticipation in it's hands like a pack of matches holds the ability to flame up a forest.

    Fall will always feel like homework and back yard soccer games that turn into back yard wrestling matches. It does not flinch at sweat pants and runny noses. You embrace your sport jacket and think about chocolate colored clothing. The smell of Sunflower perfume and floor wax come passing by me as if the cool breeze of the this nameless effortless passing season were just there long enough to whisper, "I love you." The trees are harder in the fall and more apt to be leaned against with softer suede jackets and jeans of relaxing touch and fit. There are crushed fingers melding together like velvet strips of pink ribbons. You rub noses instead of crushing tongues as you make your way from warm inside to brisk outside. You have the explosion in your eyes as if something were falling from the sky or someone were coming home to pick you up and hug as you come in the door shaking the degree difference from your shoulders.

    It has it's own murky slowness as if there were nothing to anticipate after the fall. You can only anticipate within it and the loneliness, tears, and terrors of life seem to escalate evenly, as if racing to the top of your head to see who wins, with it's brethren love, excitement, and embrace. The drowsy three months hold behind it's dropping eyelids the magic that the world refused to believe in under the playful sun of Summer. It is the old sorcerer coming to sweep you off your feet with gentle arms squeezes and kisses on the forehead.

    Fall does not hide it's secrets. Fall personifies itself into the jury of your life. You will come to pass with your senses as if you haven't woken up from good sleep in so very long. Fall will help you explain yourself.

    In the morning is when you feel it the most. When the sun is no longer breaking you to rise into the street or to the shower you know Fall has come to nest. When your comforter hides it's pleasantries in the edges near the base of the bed as cold squares of freedom waiting for your toes to nuzzle into them and then nuzzle out. It's the breakfast that smells like more of a necessity than a passive legacy as it pushes you into the crackling leaf morning.

    Fall is my love and my nightmare. It is the anticipation of everything and we'll see which of our senses comes to boil the most. We shall see whether my jury delivers me dream or nightmare. Fall will do nothing less than deliver both. Fall is Mother Nature's last chance to say, "I love you" before the winter comes. We should all lean next to her and whisper, "I love you" back.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    Fearsome Foursome

    Turners on any given night. Swing by and be entertained.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Speaking of Tunes
    Did anyone else see that Oasis got the title track of the movie North Country? The song is "Part of the Queue". Well done Oasis!

    Last Night

    Did anyone else notice that they played Rilo Kiley on Laguna? Seriously, it was during some part where some guy in the brown was making out with some girl in pink. Yep...

    Monday, October 10, 2005

    Pangs and Pongs

    Inspiration of the Pang and Pong comes to mind. When the Pangs came down to meet the Pongs from top of Mount St. Clementine. The shorter yet wiser Pangs came to bare a fruit to the Pongs that would dull their life. And the Pongs came prepared to give a gift that would level the Pangs with the grass at their feet.

    They inhabited opposite sides of Mount Clementine for a long time.

    The Pangs survived because they had developed bridges and hand operated elevators that allowed them to live across the great gorge in the middle of the docile Mount Clementine. No visitor or attack from the Pongs could come without the bridges and elevators working by the hand of the Pangs.

    The Pongs built great walls and dug large trenches filled with sharpened spears to deter any rival approach. No Pang could traverse the dangerous Pong battlefield without being squished or obliterated by the sweeping force of a Pong war lord.

    On the day of the Great Apple Harvest the two tribes had always met to exchange medicines and fruits. It was a sign of goodwill still held over from when the two clans were one. This was before the King of the Pongs took his mighty sons and left the queen of the Pangs with her 4 daughters abandoned with the other weak and sick in the great divide across the volcano. Though the King and Queen longed for and loved each other, their survival could not be melded together. Their tools seemed to be opposite and their primitive ignorance could not grasp the idea of combining strengths. Their lives seemed grossly ill-proportioned. So through his closest advisors the King banned them to the Mount's center. He promised a reunion once a year on the day of the Great Apple Harvest.

    As they met at the base of the Mount Clementine's opening they spoke:

    "Here is to our good friends the Pongs. We offer you this leaf of the Blimper. May you eat and cultivate the fruit which has made us the wise and nimble."

    In which version of opposite was the truth laying. They hoped that the reaction was all within grasp. They watched with greased hands combed together and rubbing as the first Pong stepped forward.

    "I shall not eat your fruit of barren existence. For we are Pongs and have no appetite for what is consumed by the weak. We have however brought you our specialty. We offer you the magic Bango leaf which will make you strong and capable as we the Pongs are."

    The Pongs stepped back and dug their massive toes into the mud of Mt. Clementine. They watched eagerly to see which Pang would choose to nibble at their gift of good will.

    They approached one another and sniffed at the air. The leader of the Pangs was called Molo and the leader of the Pongs was known only as Chief. Chief picked up the Blimper leaf and threw it into the opening of Mount Clementine. Appalled and shocked the Pang leader Molo took the Bango leaf and ripped it to shreds and threw it into the mount.

    They kicked dirt and mud on each other and backed up slowly to their own tribes. They then turned quickly and walked back to their village. They would wait until next year when the Great Apple Harvest would come again.

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Starting My New Genre Appreciation

    I guess it was Phrenology and Common's "Circus" that really sort of got me listening to different things within Hip Hop. Actually - more than likely it was the ability to appreciate Wu Tang lyrics on the solo albums like Liquid Swords and Tical. Over time I got turned on to Mr. Lif and Blackalicious but then I just fell out of favor and went back to my true mistress of sad bastard Indie Fold Pop Synth. Anyway - given my new 40GB Faux Ipod - I am trying to cover all my eventual music needs - - - Therefore I am downloading a good bit of "hip hop" or whatever you want to call it. I'm willing to admit now that genres are just fucking stupid - good music is good music. So I started today with the list below - please feel free to add to the list with specific songs or artists I may not have - don't assume I have the obvious ones.

    The Roots
    Aesop Rock
    Mr Lif
    De La
    Jedi Mind Tricks
    Mos Def
    Cannibal Ox

    I'm still liking the mainstream stuff more than the wordy preachy stuff. But I swear some of that wordy preachy stuff is friggin hot. They throw together some wicked ass lines. Like "Mince Meat" by DangerDoom "Brush your teeth - rinse - and gargle. A true nerd who wants to put new words into boggle."

    I think what I like the most about Hip Hop esque music is the ability to sample form everything from a Japanese Samurai windchime to a Tom and Jerry line to a pair of hands on a bucket. It's really quite amazing when I think about how other bands couldn't or don't even attempt to combine pop culture like this genre. I mean I heard an overdub from Pi and Ghostrider. It's intense - I wish it would just slow down and hit a chorus or melody from time to time.

    Also I would like to say that I downloaded Baltimore's Bossman - and to be honest - it's not too bad - He has a song called "oh" Baltimore anthem. It's pretty fuckin funny to hear someone throwout Baltimore landmarks. Holy shit - he throws out "We gave you all mello' and dixon /We got the number 1 murder rate /they call us the ghost town / Ya'll say dog we say dug / But we all don't give a fuck." He even throws a dap to the East side... whoa...

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    My Responsibility Has Found a Face

    I remember still being in my house. I just came back from over seas about 2 months prior and I was dancing around while arranging my colognes and ties. I had job interviews that week. I didn't want any of them. I wanted to dance around to Belle and Sebastian and smell my carpet and eat Japanese food with pretty girls. I wanted to wear jeans and show people that I had a vein running down my bicep. I wanted to bet football and sing Dear Catastrophe Waitress and other peppy songs that made me smile.

    My mother was away. My father was insane. My house was void of furniture and my bed felt so new and my laundered shirts and shoes smelled like they did when I left. I used to dream of how they smelled.

    The best looking boys are taken
    The best looking girls are stayin inside.
    So Judy where does that leave you?
    Walking the streets from morning to night.

    I really like the way they sing "Dream of horsesssssssssssssessssssssssss." I really like the way they lead that line on and make me twirl like a gay young man or juvenile girl as I listen to it in my room.

    It would all fall apart when I would really look around. It would all fall apart when I knew I had nowhere to live after we sold the house. It was just me and my computer and the smell of crisp old life. It was the smell of cologne and frizzled beef cooking on the stove. It felt like an empty refrigerator with just onions and ketchup inside. It felt like looking around for things to sell. It felt like my life was going to die all at once. It was all but dead except for the easy sound of that song. It was new and alive. That song was what I wanted to hear playing.

    I would sit at my computer and play Go Stop until the morning. I was holding on to anything that felt free. I felt anything but free hearing my father snore from across the hall and seeing that my options were limited. I came back to nothing except my ability to forget about everything.

    I've got to change my ways.
    Dress for business everyday.
    Have you shaved for work yet baby?
    Don't go out the boss is crazy.
    We need to talk.
    Step into my office baby.

    I would sprinkle myself with that and other songs. I would dash myself like fettered beef cooking on a tin tray over a spitfire. We'll comment on the desk of the landlord and run away and elope in our spare time.

    All I want is to twirl right into the thought of you here with me. Like a sugar flinging fan pelting me with the smell of your forearms and taste of your lips. The dream of horses rides through me with a rumble that you can feel in the place only your mother moves.

    Magic Numbers

    Has anyone else had just about enough of the fatastic foursome from over the pond known as the Magic Numbers? Everywhere I go - there they are - looking like they just devoured a a deep fried twinkie with mustard on it.

    They made their fame by storming off the stage of the Brit show Top of the Pops after the announcer introduced them as "chubby". Anyway - if their music were even half as good as this fat bastards music I would listen

    - but it just isn't and I'm not happy that they got Spin's Artist of the Day.

    --Oh and BTW if you can tell me who that is in that photo - i'll pick up your tab at my favorite local bar. Cheers!

    She'd Ash on the Carpet

    Let's see what to write because my writing has dropped off. Eh - I don't want to bitch. I don't want to gloat. I don't want to whine and I have no desire to preach right now. So what does that leave old Bret with - - - hmm - his own objective brain? It is scary to say the least.

    I am writing a story now about love. I'm writing in conjunction with another writer and hopefully - eh hem - they will keep writing and not tire on me. I'm also putting together a war story about a tribal leader that has his neighborhood taken over by a gov't lead military insurgence. He bands his 7 friends together (WOLVERINE STYLE!) and they fight back a staggered abandoned troop of Chinese and Cubans that don't know the war has eneded. Daily these groups sling propoganda at each other and fight over a 10 block piece of land littered with bodies and falling supplies.

    I'd like to write something later today - as the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath really ignites me to write every morning but there is something about work that just seems to zap it out of me as soon as I sit down. It's almost as though my eyes get heavier and my posture goes south. I look at my roll call for things to do and realize that writing is just a stage act meant to divert my attention from the fact that I merely run the lights.

    Maybe I should have went to law school in order to bullshit around for another 3 years in hopes of finding something I want to do - - whoops -

    The weather is changing here and I have to lose some weight. Random I know but - my malaise is only quenched by one thing and that thing is so rare to me these days that - well - I get caught up in sitcoms and TV dramas more than I need to be caught up with how her skin feels.

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