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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Man Day 2007

Thank God for Doug lately. Thank God for all the people that have been around me and let me hop back in the fold of fun and love. It's refreshing that people remember me the way I used to be. It's great that people remember that I love fun, life, observation, confrontation, laughter, jokes, and days of pleasure sans any *real* intoxicants.

Thank God for the new people that have art and filth in their heart. And even though they are now wildly successful (lol) and on tour - thanks for taking my calls and even returning them with thoughtfulness and resonance. Thanks for showing me that life is more than a stupid TV and yelling. Thanks to the new people as well. But seriously...shower a little more... *signed your live-in republican = Bret

Doug and I went to DC Monday and we had a man day. *it was a tad gay* but it was awesome none-the-less. I self-composed a song called man day as we walked up 6th on our way to G to find greasy Chinese food. It went something like this:

Man day
Man day
Going to see art
The spy museum too
What are two men to do
When in Dc waiting to see
A non-sexual rock band
They go to the art museums
And the Spy museum - -

...or something like that. It needs some work obviously. But I think the basis for the song is there.

The National Gallery of Art, other than Camden Yards, or most music venues, is probably the place that I want to be the most at any given time. Other than maybe in bed getting it on...<--lame I think Doug was skeptical at first of my foal whinnying of "Fill my soul...", "Favorite painting..." etc... But I think he got the idea when I ran to each room like a star gazing school girl to take in the Seurat I have neglected, or the Manet's that I have longed for, for so long. It was a really good time in there, the architecture, the history, the simple idea that you are in the presence of just unparalleled artistic greatness is knee buckling - to me. I did find a couple of new paintings. This is one - (waiting for Doug to send me the name again...I couldn't find it.)

So we left the Gallery after seeing "Journey of Life" by Cole and "Hide and Seek" by Tissot - two of my favorite painting (although the Journey of life was not in it's usual round room as you exited the impressionist area.) Hide and Seek has a very special place in my heart because I have never been moved by a person and a painting at the same time.

1 of 4 for Journey of Life

The infamous Tissot that has been moved to the "Small French Gallery" in the modern museum of shit - I mean art.

Then Doug and I schlepped it up to the Spy Museum and I am here to tell you that if you have a kid or are a kid at heart - then the Spy Museum will not only be up your alley but up your ass as well. It's a pay-per-museum but it is still worth it. They have tons of interactive games, and it's mostly about the Cold War, which means if you love the History channel'll love the umbrella gun, the cigarette gun and the other crazy gadgets on display.

Dinner was more or less a wash when it came to the level of fare as we took in Thai food in lieu of the grease trap that was DC's Chinatown. It was ok but nothing to write home about. The conversation was good even though I am a bit manic and topsy turvy as of late.

A quick side note - and just because this may be the only way I can communicate with her and I know some people are curious. I missed her, yes. The day was originally planned for Jas and I as a possible last hurrah or a possible way just to realize that we both enjoy each other's company. But - for those who haven't noticed my girl has moved on to greener pastures. As a matter of fact she won't return my phone calls or text messages (might as well be as honest as possible) and I think she's starting to find my creepy. I can assure her that I am not creepy and that well...I just don't want to lose or not know someone I love. I just think everyone wants to be loved and thought about the way you love and think about them. Unfortunately, that isn't the case anymore. So yes - I missed her. I missed her a good bit during the Travis show (next event) but during the show I came to realize certain things. One: if someone doesn't want to know you, you are pretty pathetic if you want to know them. And two - I'm a good person, and I've done things and been good to her despite the fact that I made a mistake a long time ago, I think that my good will and love should shine through enough to still be acknowledged as more than just some asshole that calls her. If someone doesn't want to be around someone that loves them - then - ya know... let them go. So...anyway... I missed her. But seeing Travis and having fun and laughing and singing at the top of my lungs was probably the most therapeutic, cathartic thing I could have had happen.

So the Travis show was amazing. Doug and I had been to a Travis show before - the Beacon in like...04' or something. It was about the 10th time I had seen them and as we had beverages in the downstairs bar before the show I pointed out that it was the same people only...10 years older. It was cute but...for a concert...not promising as fas as the energy. We completely missed the opening of some guy with a guitar that I had never heard's usually not like me to be dismissive of an opening act; as in actuality that is how I found Travis in the first place (opening for Oasis). But as of late I can’t be arsed into really doing it. I listened to one of his songs and he rhymed "ain't" with "paint" and I sorta quit after that. Back to the show...

I didn't know Doug was such a Travis aficionado - he even knew most of the new songs. Travis played all the great songs and some off the cuff one's as well. Doug and I (and I don't know about your 9:30 club knowledge ) found an air pocket right next to the stage, the speakers, and the bar. I couldn't honestly believe that a space like that was available since it was a sold out show - and then to look around and see the plethora of boyfriend/girlfriend/soccer mom/little Asian kids - I knew it wouldn't be hard to get close to the stage. Even though we were close we weren't creepy close - 27 and 29 year old males in the front row of a Scottish pop band jumping up and down without well - in my opinion - creepy. So we were in our little area where we weren't really near anyone and I could pogo like the fruit that I am. And pogo I did - I dropped about 2 pounds in there that night and I sang every song at the top of my lungs.

Highlights of the night were Andy climbing the wall of speakers, Andy almost not making it, and the solo that ensued. Any time Franny talks it's just like watching peace personified. It's eerie how he can drop f-bombs and crack on the crowd and you still just want to hang out with him and play backgammon and maybe change his kid's diaper if he were to ask. The "Klaus" segment was pretty sweet and the fact that Nigel Godrich was in the house was like hearing that Elvis was there...if you don't know who that should look it up. Flowers in the Window being played with the whole band singing sans instrument was heartbreaking for me but still great for the rest of the crowd. And then they closed with a cover of Back in Black...yep just a great show.

Here are some crappy clips of two songs from that night - neither of which I would have recorded. They wasted their footage on this and when "All I wanna do is rock" was in the set...momo's.


Flowers in the Window

Back in Black Cover - not very good though - -

After the show we drove home and still sang Travis at the top of our lungs. We still had that good clean energy that comes after an exhausting show. We went to Doug's local for a second and to be honest it was the only time we really drank during the day. I mean we had a refreshing beer once and a couple beers at the show and one at dinner but there wasn't any intoxication. And we both looked at each other and sorta nodded and said "'s about time booze goes away." I couldn't agree more. We'll both love whiskey and would never shy away from a drink but I think at this point - we don't necessarily need or go looking for a drink in order to enjoy ourselves.

Doug my friend - it was one of the best days I've had in a really long time and I'm so very glad I got to spend it with you. Cheers.

For doug btw - the "Klaus" moment from another venue - -

Here it is in action at the show - fuckin pretty funny now that I remember it - poor Klaus

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