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I Kan't Spell

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

...and my office has exploded into Halloweeness

Let me ask you something....? Since when is "whore" a costume?

And why do most men dress up as either a superhero or a woman?


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Have No Idea (Blues Rift Taken from Tombstone Blues)

"The ghost of Belle Star she hands down her wits"
To the time when there were stars in the kitchen
And I had no idea there were this many roaches
To climb all over my thumbs as I hitch rides.

Don't scream and moan that "I've just been made"
Don't take time to try on new hats that don't fit
Move on down lines that make sense to people that smile
With the intent of making you do the same.

I am not in trouble with the thought of choosing you.
There aren't enough dime phone calls to be made
For that season to become cold or too hot and
To be considered sat worthlessly alone.

In guitar rifts Beethoven laughs at the jester
As the flagpole becomes the meeting place for all the leaders.
And I wish I could write you a melody so plain
That would show you the gathering of all this pointless knowledge.

In time Maggie can come sit down next to all of it
Take off her bonnet and write you a poem
In earthed chalk on a flat stone, that was created,
By God, just for you to read from it.

Biff Sings about His Life

"Would you call my friend a butthead on his answering machine."


I may .... just have to... start... drinking coffee... these 60 hour weeks will...not... l.a...s.t

*And I just died

Monday, October 29, 2007

Gets Me Every Time

Probably my favorite lyric:

These days I sit on corner stones
And count the time in quarter tones to ten.
Please don't confront me with my failures,
I had not forgotten them.

Jackson Browne - These Days

...well that and "The Sun's not yellow. It's chicken."


The Scent of Fall is Wet

A Slight damp slope
Leads down to athletic fields.
Each town,
Each time has a new smell.

Damp leaves matched with rotting wood,
Grass wet with invisible middle-cloud tears,
Dirt that can't be raked but only moved,
Fall is the season of water.

The breeze of cologne that brings in the college campus kids,
The mornings of cool feet beats and scarved coffee in quads,
Youth is at it's most decrepit state and
Death looms for the rights of innocence.

In time and town you are replaced
By yours or theirs alone.
But your pictures will not hold the center.
The beauty that comes with life and
Your memory jarred by wet birth
Will come to tears when you pass through
What really is the breathing body.

The deep in and the slower out
Matched with time on the brain (like "water" they used to say).
Mirror your efforts of explanation.
Let life touch down its fingers into mud.

Baby News

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Bordey (lol) - Brodey had a baby girl over the weekend. Her name is Peyton Olivia brodey. I'll give you pictures when I have them. Mom and baby are doing fine. (I think you are supposed to say that in all baby cases.)

Viccino's Guy

Me: Yeah I'd like to place an order for delivery.
V: Ok buddy hold this your number...? So this is Bret? Hey man... whats up?
Me: Chillin. Wanting some food and hoping you could fill that void.
V: Yeah still into like Calzones or do you want to move on to a pasta tonight?
Me: *Cricketts*
V: Yeah... well we also just made up some fresh house salads and I gotta tell ya the guy making Calzones tonight is ON FIRE!
Me: Is this really happening? I mean...I love it baby... but... what's going on here.
V: Nada Mi Amigo... just smoked a fatty... wanting to chat with ya.
Me: *Cricketts*
Me: I'll take a large pizza with Pep, sausage, and mushroom
Me: You sold me... I'll have a chicken Calzone. Ok then...
V: That's what I wanna hear... I'll knock 2 bucks off it for ya. See ya in 30. Peace!

Pot: Lowering standards for over 70 years.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Manchester City vs. Chelsea

Well - fortunate for you (sigh) - I promised that I would tell you when the next major update dealing with Man City would take place. Well, here it is. Tomorrow morning at 10 am EST City will have their first real non-derby match that they must win if they expect to be taken seriously. No one expected them to win at Arsenal and other than that loss at Emirates they have played a solid season against the table.

Tom. Elano and company will have to be in top form. I'll be at the Slainte early in the AM, wearing the only light blue Beasely jersey..I'm guessing... in the country...with my tribe experiencing the beauty of early morning football.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jason Dove Review

Get to know it - because it'll be at a stage near you in no time.

    Dove is a Baltimore musician who somehow manages to mix 60's pop, dreamy atmospheres and grungy textures seamlessly. His debut record - We Should Be Together - was produced and recorded J Robbins, but he doesn't fit the mold of the bands you'd normally associate with the Desoto records founder.

Beaches Warning: Song of the Day: Glory of Love

It's cathartic to me in some way. Sometimes you just know that life is simpler than what it appears. Sometimes life is just about having each other's arms.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Open Letter to Andy McPhail - re: Kevin Millar

Dear Mr. MacPhail,

I'm writing to express my disappointment with your decision to grant permission to the Boston Red Sox to invite Orioles first baseman Kevin Millar to participate in pre-game activities during the American League Championship Series.

Now, throwing out the first ball is innocuous enough, and perhaps that it all you expected Mr. Millar to do. However, as I'm sure you're aware he also referred to the Red Sox as "we" on the FOX network and made a crack about "lending" the number 15 he wore in Boston to their second baseman Dustin Pedroia. I'm trying very hard not to overreact to this, but I hope you're already exploring ways to send Mr. Millar back to Boston, or to Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay...anywhere but Baltimore.

The Orioles franchise brought you aboard to help rid itself of the "culture of losing" that hangs over the ball club like a cloud. Things like Millar's behavior during the ALCS only reinforce the idea nationally that the Baltimore Orioles are a joke, not to be respected or taken seriously. The New York Mets were prescient enough to refuse permission to the Red Sox to even ask Pedro Martinez to participate. How I wish the Orioles had come to the same conclusion.

Even Terry Francona, the son of former Oriole Tito, seemed a bit perplexed by the chain of circumstances leading to Millar's presence at Fenway Park. "He's a member of the Baltimore Orioles. He's going to be spurring on the Red Sox, and nobody's going to say a word," said Francona. Well, Mr. MacPhail, somebody -besides the Orioles most devoted fans- should have said something.

I will continue to root for the Orioles as I have all my life. I grew up in Baltimore, and my baseball loyalties won't ever shift. I feel strongly that it sends the wrong message to the fans and the younger players to have a member of the team actively cheering a division rival to a pennant, especially considering he's paid very well by the Orioles to prevent that same rival from prevailing for six months out of the year.

Thank you for reading.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Just to remind you.... band of the day: The Strokes

Just imagine for a second it's 2000. You just heard about this new amazing band from NYC and nobody even had a t-shirt - much less one that is predominantly featured in a motion picture:

Just imagine for a second that this new sound was new... and that you could once again go back and feel how you felt when you first heard the following songs.

I remember going to the 9:30 club to watch them and the Moldy Peaches play and how the buzz was so strong you could almost get naked to it and everything would have been alright. I remember everyone coming into my car and listening to it and just being blown away. Just imagine it was 7 years ago...

You would realize once again just how amazing "Is This It?" was. I know I did all day....

This last one is my favorite...

I try to wrestle with the idea of selling out every day. I try to wrestle with the notion that bands just can't help the critical mass. Do you blame Wilco? Do you blame The Stones? Do you blame Iron and Wine? I mean... you can't... but... what you can do is remember when you were there when it was young, hot, alive, sex personified, and you were alive watching it and being just a little bit apart of it.

I have had this feeling since...but I just haven't had the energy to track it all down and suck at it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update: The Wire

What's that famous line...

"Good people will always leave you for the one's who need it more..." It's something like that but as I just found in the newest edition of the New Yorker... it's true. David Simon, creator and birthman of the Wire was knowingly leaving after this season but we all just imagined he would ride into the sunset and enjoy a Mai Thai on a beach somewhere for all of us in the Land of Pleasant Living. However... and rightfully so... he is headed to New Orleans for his nest project. Given his breadth of knowledge about Baltimore and how that knowledge leant itself to the process of the Wire.. I can't imagine the carry over will be smooth. But - I have no choice but to wish him well.

If you have an interest... the New Yorker this month has a dedicated to our most beholden of shows.

This is great writing - well a great quote from the MAN anyway - -
    "The Wire," Simon often says, is a show about how contemporary American society-and, particularly, "raw, unencumbered capitalism"-devalues human beings. He told me, "Every single moment on the planet, from here on out, human beings are worth less. We are in a post-industrial age. We don't need as many of us as we once did. So, if the first season was about devaluing the cops who knew their beats and the corner boys slinging drugs, then the second was about devaluing the longshoremen and their labor, the third about people who wanted to make changes in the city, and the fourth was about kids who were being prepared, badly, for an economy that no longer really needs them. And the fifth? It's about the people who are supposed to be monitoring all this and sounding the alarm-the journalists. The newsroom I worked in had four hundred and fifty people. Now it's got three hundred. Management says, ‘We have to do more with less.' That's the bullshit of bean counters who care only about the bottom line. You do less with less."

The Wire: Season 5 is Coming...

The Wire is Coming (Omar is Coming)

The Wire...*sigh... Does anything else make you look forward to television like The Wire? Is there a better show on TV? Not only is Baltimore itself starting to bubble and fizz with new art and new money, The Wire will undoubtedly throw a wrinkle into any injustice this city seems to somehow, and usually unintentionally, shade us from.

The Wire itself is based on other every day cop dramas in lieu of one major aspect. You end up rooting for the character with the good character and not necessarily the side that may be there to impugn what we may think is correct justice. You love Omar just as much as you love McNulty. You hate Herk for stealing from the criminals just as much as you dislike Stringer Bell for so coldly pouring drugs and crime onto the streets. You respect the new Mayor for his honesty and actual desire to change things and you hate him for his philandering and desire to cheat out certain institutions. You can compare the Mayor to Avon Barskdale. He is the drug kingpin that orders killings of young boys and sells drugs but in the end you can somehow honor his character because he follows a certain code and is never flashy or lacking of the indigenous qualities of his neighborhood.

The Wire allows you to really identify with the game itself and see that it is just that; a game.

There are two sides to this chessboard of a drama and neither the white pieces nor the black get rooted for more than the other.

One of the most compelling characters of the series is Omar. Omar is a hard core murdering criminal, but his character is made clear, as is much of Baltimore made clear on the subject, he doesn't kill citizens. And to be honest, with every semi-hard Baltimore thug that I've ever met this is also the credo on the street. "If you kill a tax-payer. They'll find you." Omar only robs from the dealers, and he only kills those who have wronged him (for what we see). He has Tupac's ego in him somewhere, and his words carry with them weight and honor. Did I happen to mention that besides being the hardest mofo I've ever seen on television...he's also gay. I tell you...the Wire doesn't even know where to stop most of the time.

Here are some of my favorite Omar clips:

He shoots Webay:

Another day on the job:

By far the best moment is the standoff in the street with Brother Mouzone:

The Wire even manages to relieve itself from the pulpit when it comes to preaching. Somehow it comes off as unpretentious and as raw as the characters it hopes to portray. Much of this is due to the director and executives that hail from the Baltimore Police department and have no problem poking fun at the hypocrisy of everything that we find to be worthy of evening news. These men behind the camera and behind the pen aren't what you would call your usual "out for the gold" team just here to make a series. They somehow manage to bleed themselves onto the screen and the characters through truth and information. And again, this is what the show's true reward is to the viewer. The lack of judgment that allows the viewer to lift their own veil of ignorance is refreshing.

The Wire has gone beyond entertainment and into a new realm of education.

Here are a couple of my favorite scenes:

The "fuck" scene where McNulty and Bunk actually say "fuck" like 47 times without using any other dialogue besides a "fuck" appendage such as "mother" or "".

Marlo lends out a hand to the kids:

The Trump brothers:

Stringer dies:

"Only The Strong Survive, Weak Hearts Gotta Go"

Enjoy the Wire for everything that everything else on television isn't. It is on OnDemand until the premier of Season 5...the apparent final season...January 08.

Here is a preview of Season 5.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back in the day time...

Ok who remembers Telly from Kids? ... yeah ya do...

Well you know what I just pieced together...

Telly is in the wire - - or I should say Leo Fitzpatrick is in the wire - -

He plays:

Yep and there is your Bret random piece of information for the day - - - enjoy.

Early Christmas Present


2 Tunes of the Day: The Verve

The Drugs Don't Work

Rolling People - easily one of the best live songs I've ever seen!

Live Version:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Theme Song of the Day

Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan

The Future of Happy Employment

One of my favorite people in the entire world, and whom even though I've spent so little amount of time with, Tim, somehow inspires me to be inspired. It's almost like someone walks up to me with a random variable and says, "this is X" - open it and enjoy it. And at the same time I don't care what X is but I know I'm excited about it.

Well not only has Tim moved back to town, he has moved back with initiative apparently. He has been reaching out with emails circling around the scenario of combined skills to achieve personal goals as a group. Huh? Yeah. What? Yep...

It has taken me up until now to address these things but as I have started to uncover his messages I have come to two conclusions:

1) I want in.
2) Tim's writing is amazing.

He has asked me, and some other close friends with various skills, to jot down a "skills bank" so that he can pollinate or help us to visualize our own strengths to achieve goals (goals by whom is sort of a question I have...)

What are my skills:

1. I'm tenaciously good at a given task.
1a. This could include moving boxes from A to B, sorting through mindless files to alphabetize etc... Any mindless task is somehow cathartic to me at the end of the day.

2. I love organizing efforts into individual tasks. Sometimes I have a difficult time asserting myself into the role of leader but when assigned the task of captain or leader I tend to take the lead well.

3. Technical proficiency with most features concerning online development, structure, and support.

4. Memorization. More than likely with any piece of medium I can memorize not only the concept but the individual components down to words, delivery, and nuances.

5. Sacrifice for the greater good. Some people may differ from this opinion but I usually have no need to place myself before other people in terms of importance and will often go through any inconvenience to help someone else out. What most people see as an inconvenience I see as something that is so easy to give up (time, money, effort) that doing it is the only real choice.

I'm sure that these are not the individual tasks that he was looking for - and if anyone out there knows a task about me that they think I'm good at... let me know.

The main reasons that this excites me are multiple folds:

1. Even with my new job and it's obvious monetary benefits there is still and always will be a ladder to climb. You can never make enough in the corporate world and unfortunately your value is often defined by your check. This makes it a spiral of disappointment that is not matched by effort or reward in the long run.

2. Despite my efforts and accomplishments at being involved in the Mt Vernon community through service to fellow man, websites for local artist and small business, and even just being around the new population explosion of the musical and art scene, I have found that these are also not fully fulfilling in the end. I liken it to working in the pit crew of the race car driver winning the race, or being the sound engineer on a great CD.

3. I feel as though I still have a lot to give to the world and the world doesn't necessarily supply you with the tools in order to give your gifts effectively. I feel like a group of powerful, smart, motivated people can achieve goals, and achieve them with personal flair and fulfillment. Mobilization of efforts is difficult in any arena. Whether it be the starving artist that fails 98% of the time, the small business that achieves no clientele outside of immediate associations, or the corporate employee who is mired in lack of self-worth as a cog to turn a wheel. The last is the scary piece that applies to myself, and it awakens me to the fact that if we were totally honest with ourselves we would comply to the fact that we maybe give a small percentage of our true self to tasks that we surround ourselves with every day. And even scarier than that is that these are tasks that we fail to ever really choose, and in all likelihood are tasks that are feeding someone else's dream. It is a dog eat dog world in every aspect. Since I still feel like I have tools to share and have even tried to and in some cases shared them, I am therefore motivated to keep trying. But when does the spiral of banality stop when it comes to wasted efforts? When does the grain of sand that screams at the imposing wave finally just move further down the beach or incline itself to join more pieces of sand to create a rock or a beachhead that the wave can no longer move?

Check these out if you want to know a small piece of what he is into

...and hopefully one day we can all join each other's teams to create something together. His list included day my list may include you. Hopefully you will feel the same way about your invitation to join something or discover something that I did when I read my emails.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Phone and Observations About Technology

First off I'd like to say that the fact that my phone was dead for a week and I had 48 voice mails is absurd. I love you all but seriously... What is also absurd is the level of anger that seems to go up with every missed voice mail.

Voice mail 1: Bret Baby! I'm down at the Fells Festival. We need you here. We are getting crushed. I love you. Call me.

Voice Mail 2: Bret. Me again. Just got through the tunnel and hoping you'll call me back. We're probably going to the Horse. Call me.

Voice Mail 3: Don't know why your phone is off. But it goes straight to voicemail. Don't know why or if you are screening me but I'm down here at Max's. Call us dude!

Voice Mail 4: DUDE! 4th and last call. I don't remember where you live in Mt. Vernon. Was hoping to swing by because im crushed now. I'll just drive home and die. Thanks.

Yes ,the phone apparently causes pain and it also causes people to think the worst. The increasingly angry phone messages are hilarious if not pointless. It's like yelling at a wall. If the person doesn't want to pick up then take a hint and stop calling. If the person lost his phone, I'm sure one message will suffice for them to have enough information to see if a call back is pliable.

Some other things about phones real quick: Do you remember how in old movies someone was always getting stranded in some desolate location with a impeding crisis; whether it be a bomb, axe murderer, or imposing natural disaster? Do you remember their hassles when it came to being rescued always revolved around their isolation and lack of viable communication? Now, since 40% of 6 year old have phones, this is no longer a believable scenario. In movies these days the charger has to be forgotten, the occupier had to have been thrown in a lake, the cell phone tower is down, they are in a valley in New Mexico and even that isn't believable anymore. What this has done is made movies have to change their point of view and even their lame metaphors to one of isolation to one of desolation.

Also, my new Blackberry is pretty killer but it has occurred to me that I may be slipping beyond the up curve of technology already. My interaction with this phone is reminding me of watching my parents interact with a computer when they first got one. I am fumbling and having to read manuals. There is not intuitive relationship between my brain and this interface. There is nothing in me that is domestic about this device and it's alien advanced ways are starting to wear on me and I haven't even charged it all the way. With that said, I lend a fair warning to all those employed in the technology sector as I once was... get out. Either get out or get way smarter because technology and the gap between those with the know-how and those without is going to become similar to the division of wealth in this country. While the interfaces may be more intuitive, moron friendlier, and even fail safe - they will not however be more kind to those who are trying to operate them from the backend. You will find yourself often speechless at your own incompetence, and will then shudder when you utter the words that you though you would only hear from the old people, "I don't understand this." or even worse "I hate technology."

This also reminds me of something I brought up to Erin as we honored the marathon this weekend by walking to Patterson Park and then walking back home through the ghetts! You know the scene in the old movies with the guy running through the airport to catch his sweet heart before the plane takes off? Or the scene in the airport with the family ready at the gates to greet their long lost relative or war hero? Or how about even the scene when two lovers are about to leave each other for months or years and they board the plane fawning for each other's finger and stretching out to one another with every inch so as not to lose the other? Well forget all that shit. Forget the romance of the airport in movies. Forget the longing and the hurrying to stop true love or certain death by running after planes. Because today they'd be clothes-lined, head locked, and in cuffs before they even smelled the flat beer pouring from some place called "Marty's Mitzvah" next to gate 13.

That is all! My gym workout starts tom. I can't wait to be sore. Yum!

Doug Stanhope

The next rockstar of comedy. He was at the Ottobar last week and I'm so pissed I missed him. Did anyone see him?

The key to life is Excess in Moderation.

Thanks and yay for having my phone back...

Thursday, October 11, 2007


People ask me all the time "Bret, why do you love Manchester City." And I have three reasons:

1. The only game I ever saw in person was a Man City game
2. Oasis loves them
3. Their jersey is my favorite color. (I threw in the last one because today is "National come out of the closet day")

But - this year in case you haven't noticed, City has a real team. And the main reason is the man above. Elano is an off the bench Brazilian friendly. He's having the year of his life and finding that Joey Barton's shoes are about as easy to fill as a tea cup.

This weekend is all Euro 2008 Qualifying so there are no games but I will keep you up to date as to the next big City game. CITAY!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Jackal Courtesy of Alison Janey

"Don't ever interupt me during the Jackal."

Drive By Truckers

....Are at the Ram's Head on the 28th. Who is coming with us? If you have never seen the DBT's I'll put some videos up here... they are kinda like Skynyrd Light. Or what the Mountain Goats would sound like if they didn't do the Dragon. It's just good honest rock really.

"With Bon Scott singing Let THERE BE ROCK!!!!!!!"

wooooooooooooooooooooooooo -

Never Gonna Change

Daddy's Cup - my personal fave!

Monday, October 08, 2007

20 Minutes of David Cross

Seriously - if you don't listen to David Cross on a daily basis...I don't know what to tell you. He is the best stand-up comic today and his material is poignant, relative, and provoking. Enjoy!

Does anyone know if he has any new projects or albums coming out?


I lost my phone and SIM card. Please feel free to email me at to inform me of your number. I will also send out a mass email today as well. I did however get a new Blackberry out of the deal... so that was kewel...

Sorry for the inconvenience...

!!! At Ottobar Tonight

if you haven't seen !!! (chick, chick, chick) play - I would recommend it completely. They play tonight at the Ottohole.

In other news - the weekend was pretty great despite random run-ins, saturday afternoon sweat-fests, late night cat fights, and being called Bert (which was endearing after a while).

Love and stuff -

Thursday, October 04, 2007


1. Erin has moved in! YAY! And all other dramas seem to be ironed with movingness and unmovingness. Come by and play with us!

1a. Erin and Jer are best friends. lol - they have a common bond and a common building.

2. Fells "fun" Festival is this weekend and I'll be the one wearing a shirt that says "Where's Doug?" at Slainte dreading walking around with the rest of the countyites.

3. Tom. I will not be online or updating as I will be out on the harbor with my company for boating and then lunch, cocktails, and crabs at Nick's. Swing by. I'll be the guy with stuff all over him.

4. Tom. evening one of Baltimore's best improvisational, Benjee Ferreish, awesomeness acts is playing in Jason Dove and the Magic Whips. It is at the Talking Head too... so if you haven't gotten a chance to revisit the "head" since it reopened, I hope you will give it a try.

5. Facebook is the rockingest. Get on it!

6. Also this weekend Ms. Sara (say) is presenting her art at the open art space on Charles St. and at the new Metro Gallery next door.

7. Tim is back in Baltimore.

8. Eight is great!

9. Fall rocks!

10. Just had to get to ten.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy playoff baseball and hopefully I'll see you this weekend. Love and Jazz makes babies man!!

Celtic Fan Banned For Life

...obviously you can't run out on the field and touch the players. However... Brazilian pussy.. I mean Dida... then falls to the ground as if the player touched him with flesh eating acid... completely absurd. He was then... CARTED off the field.

My Baltimore

Thought this was a cool website. It beefs up Bmore. Most people don't know shit about this town and still live here. They could tell you where the bars are, the crab houses, or how to get back to 95 from Hanover St. but they couldn't tell you what any street is named after, what any statue is, or any of the history that surrounds the city. People in Fells couldn't even tell you where the Frederick Douglass House is... but they all know where One Eyed Mike's is!

Anyway - - this site is yet another testimonial to our kichness.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Poetry on Walls

We started to write poetry on all the walls last night. She brought home a pack of 96 crayons and I went through my old poetry books and as she read on the bed and we listened to the entire Exile on Main Street album I scribbled my "little kid" hand writing all over the walls. I picked out Frost, Thomas, Pope, Walt, T.S., and even a Cummings interpretation on the skinny wall next to the dresser.

"The Office comes on in a few minutes or now even... do you want me to turn off the music?"

She said it because it was the right thing to say. As we try to maintain a diet by going to the supermarket and playing kiwi tag through the aisles. We somehow put down the beef and pick up turkey or chicken. It all makes sense. I love Erin. I love her more when she makes dinner plans with friends that I alienated along time ago and convinces me that they don't hate me. I always think everyone hates me for some reason. Tim seems to think it's because I like it... but that's another conversation.

We laugh like children on a playground and the people everywhere look at us like we're insane. But we just look back, stick out our tongues and know that they are actually the one's that are insane.

As I ran out of the house last night with the trash I noticed her standing in the doorway. She watched as I chased down the passing trash truck and ran passed the the back riders coming to grab my trash and screamed "I want to earn my check brother." and tossed my trash in the back. I turned and saw her smile at me like she always does. She smiles at me like I'm a little kid that she baby sits and that she loves.

We must ask ourselves 10 times a day "Why do people not enjoy life at all?". "What really makes people want to fight?"

And as she says "no" to every bad thing I pick up off the shelves, I somehow find it in me to say "yes" to Rasberry Crystal Lite. Where as before in my life I would have said "no", the fact that she makes life easier than anything I had ever known, and that she makes my day the easiest thing in the world to come home to makes "yes" seem ok...even if I have to watch whatever Jennifer Gardner movie is on On Demand.

As I look for the perfect Dylan Thomas line and roll my eyes at her reading "Vogue" or "Red" or whatever it is... it all seems so very easy. I write the lines from poems that I think will help her go to sleep on her side and the heavy crazy one's on my side. She has to put her glasses on and squint her eyes and she doesn't "really" read them but she still finds it cool that I'm dashing around the room like a nut writing poetry on the white walls. I find it cool that I live with someone that makes my life the best it's ever been.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bourbon and Blues

If you need a second to yourself for to listen to some blues and drink some bourbon off the rocks. This is your song.

New Oasis Single

Jingly Jangly little tune to celebrate their upcoming DVD release. It's pretty good.

Tide on Street

In pompous street I dance my words to you.
In light of morning I sling to your bow.
In hour before sleep I search for your hand.
In coolness of evening there is a familiar mouth.

And then the slight of my gait
Mixes with the move of my tongue
And the next thing you feel is that...
It's getting better, man.
And what was said she said to me.
The lies to say are said and dead.
And the crazy days they make me shine.
But what has once been gone and sailed
Is now in simple gear; all mine.

Screaming doesn't break night.
Night moves with a drop.

Plastic toddlers waddle down on to me.
And in their gentle footprints
We find ease and laughter.
This only makes sense between two;
A duo of waves lapping
Against each other in rhythm of tide.
With street dancing and the coolness of evening
About to descend onto our new swim to the moon.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tune of the Day: Thomas Van Zandt - Dead Flowers

Stones version - but you know with Ryan Adam, Keith Richards, and Willie

You choose which is better....

If I was ever going to sit in and sing one song with a band. This would be it... 1) i can sing it and 2) I would fuck up someone's world with it!

Send me dead flowers me baby. Send me dead flowers by the mail. Send me dead flowers to my wedding and I won't forget to put roses on your grave.


Talking Head Club (Baltimore, MD) - Dana's Huge Fu*kin B-Day Bash... All Cover
Songs!!!, Get Wasted and Party Down With Dana Murphy and A Bunch Of Bands
and DJs and Special Surprises, It's Gonna Be Sets Of All Cover Songs From
Some Of Baltimore's Best Bands. Open To The Public!, Expotentials, Each
Other, Mr Moccasin, The Jumping Off Point, 4th Horseman, DJ Jason Urick (All
Covers Set), + More TBA

- - - - - - - - - -

This weekend went great. Everyone loves her. YAY!

- - - - - - - - - -

Cats are coming.

- - - - - - - - - -

City is in 3rd place

- - - - - - - - - -

Next weekend - her family. And fells festival with the band.

- - - - - - - - - -

Friday - fells for the day with work sailing... and then on to Nick's for the company booze fest.

- - - - - - - - - -

Sweet fall thus far!!!!

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